Kather Vonn

Feed the Beast


When they are afraid, I’ll be there. When they are hopeless, I’ll be there. When they think all is lost, I’ll be there. That is when they will finally know what it means to anger me. I will be there, and they shall know regret.


The Sabbat thinks they are powerful. The abominations know nothing of my Queen. They think they can take what they want and go unnoticed by her power. They tried to take me defiling the light of existence with their unlife. When they came for me I was a girl afraid and, because of their savagery, alone. But my Queen would not stand for their unholy acts. He came and we unleashed the power of the warp upon them. It was swift and it was terrible with all the might of my lady’s will. And you know what? We’re not done.

Kather Vonn

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