Vilkas Varynthorne Thanador

Keep Calm


The Wheel is vast, and conventional wisdom asserts that no one person can see it all. That may very well be true, but as far as I am concerned that’s no reason not to try. I have no family, no home, nothing. All I have is the promise of a new horizon and a new adventure. Along the way I seek to learn all I can. About the world, its people, its practices. Its secrets. All in the hope that I finally find the answers I am looking for. And, maybe, to deliver some justice in the bargain.


I remember the first time I let the world go red. I let myself lose control, let my rage get the better of me. By all rights I should have died. But I didn’t. Blessing or curse, I survived. And I did what I went there to do. Do I care that they’re dead? Not really, they were scum, and the world is better off without them.

You know what I do care about though? I enjoyed it. Every last minute of it. And from that moment, I swore to keep the rage in check. I doubt I can ever get rid of it, but I can control it. Focus it.

How do I do it, you ask? What is my secret? Well, that’s simple. It took a long time, but eventually I learned all I had to do was accept something about myself. It was this:

I’m always angry.

Vilkas Varynthorne Thanador

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