Amroth Eledhwen

The One Who Burns


On the distant planet of Salvadoore, also known as “The Forgotten Realm”, located in the D20 system of space, one can find all manner of creatures. The most peculiar of these however, is the planets Dark Eldarin population, who differ from their kin in a very distinct way. It is common knowledge, that Dark Eldarin society is brutal, oppressive, and elitist. On Salvadoore, however, this is not the case! Rather, Dark Eldarin society is based on the principles of its mythical founder Drazzit Do’Gouder. Drazzit was born into a typical “dark elf” society. Discontented with such a life, he came to rebel against it, becoming and outcast and searching for his own path. In his time, he had many adventures, traversed the Wheel in all of its vast expanses, and even righted a few wrongs in the process. In the end, he came to the planet Salvadoore, which became his permanent residence. In time, other Dark Eldarin adventurers followed in his example, culminating in a mass migration to the planet. From this gathering, an entirely new Dark Eldarin civilization was born; an egalitarian one based on principles of altruism, fairness, and love. It was into this society that Amroth Eledhwen was born.

Amroth was not like other Dark Eldarin. Other Dark Eldarin on Salvadoore, that is! Unlike his peers who aspired to virtue, Amroth was always perfectly content with lying, stealing, cheating, and hurting the inevitable person who’d rub him the wrong way. Over the years, Amroth himself became discontented with life on Salvadoore, and left at his first opportunity to do so. The scoundrel now travels the Wheel on his own journey, in search of loot, treasure, and perhaps even other Dark Eldarin like himself. It is unclear where the story of Amroth Eledhwen (“the one who burns like the sun” as he claims is the meaning of his name) will end. but one thing is for certain:
“I am never going back! And that’s ‘Amroth the Great’ to you Chumperino!” -Amroth


Amroth Eledhwen

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